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‘PEUGEOT and CITROEN Logo emblem design

In 1847, the Peugeot brothers, who were in the cutlery business, came up with the idea of adding a mark to differentiate their products from those of other companies and to make the quality of their products easier to understand.

The lion mark was first engraved on the blades of Peugeot's main product saws in 1850, and was registered as a trademark in 1858, and has been used as the company's image character up to the present day as its products, including tools, bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles, have taken on new forms and evolved in terms of emblem design. thing.

The emblem of the French carmaker CITROEN, also known as the group, is designed with two inverted V shapes overlapping each other, and this mark is called the "double chevron".

It was inspired by the double helical gear, the mountain-shaped gear that made CITROEN's founder André Citroen's fortune in car manufacturing, and the design that started the company's brand is still in use today.

Peugeot and CITROEN's "Group PSA" will merge with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in October 2019, with the announcement that the new corporate group will be named STELLANTIS.

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PEUGEOT and CITROEN Logo emblem design