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Ferrari 812 GTS Unveiled.

Ferrari has unveiled the new convertible sports car "812 GTS".The new "812GTS" is a convertible model equipped with a front V12 engine that has been revived for the first time in 50 years in Ferrari history.

The "812GTS" is an open sports car based on the "Ferrari 812 Superfast" released in 2017.

Specs are equivalent to the coupe "Ferrari 812 Superfast"6.5 liters of latest V12 showing best output 800cv, maximum torque 718Nm.The electronically operated hard top takes 14 seconds for operation and is operable at speeds up to 45 km / h (28 mph).

The "812GTS" is basically designed by the Ferrari Styling Center based on the coupe-style "812 Superfast". Compartment) has been redesigned, and it is designed to ensure the same performance and occupant comfort as the coupe version aerodynamically. It is finished in an elegant style that feels the history of Ferrari, Ferrari 812GTS  such as expressing the smoothness of the fastback of the two box design with high tail reminiscent of "365GTB4 'Daytona'".

Although a special model was announced as a V12 spider as a commemoration of something,SA Aperta based on 599 GTB Fiorano,F60 America celebrating the 60th anniversary of entering the United States, 2018 Even if it appeared, such as SP3JC based on F12tdf released as one-off in 1980, it was limited to limited cars and one-off models for a handful of wealthy people, so there are two types of coupe style and open Isn't this "812GTS" that can be enjoyed an attractive model for those considering "812 Super Fast"?

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